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Adjust you Bed, Adjust your Life!

Monday, March 28th, 2016

There are many things that affect our health, but one of the big things that we sometimes ignore is the quality and quantity of our sleep.  Choosing the most comfortable and supportive mattress for yourself is a major part of how well you sleep.  Another great way to improve your sleep is with an adjustable base.

Adjustable bases have many health benefits and promote the best sleeping position.  They are not just for hospitals anymore.  A flat bed can cause you to sleep in a cramped position with improper posture causing more aches and pains when you awake. It also causes reduced circulation and can constrict your airway, forcing your body to work harder to get blood and oxygen to your organs not allowing you to receive, restful sleep.  Incorrect sleeping positions can also cause you to toss and turn throughout the night.  The more you move as you sleep the less deep, restorative sleep you are receiving. An adjustable base with a great, comfortable mattress can improve your sleep and help your overall health and well-being. ICO_Lifestyle_8 (1)

For many, sleeping on one’s side or stomach is the most comfortable.  However, sleeping while lying on your back, is the best position. While laying on your side or stomach, spinal alignment, breathing, and blood flow is difficult.  Pressure points on your shoulder and hip may also cause discomfort. On your stomach, one’s head is turned and the spine is misaligned. Some may find that sleeping on their back on a traditional flat mattress can be uncomfortable.  With an adjustable base, you can raise your head and feet to find the best and most comfortable position for you.

An adjustable base permits ergonomically correct positioning which allows for the natural curvature of the spine during sleep.  Also, pressure is more evenly distributed over your body lessening the strain on your heart and improving circulation. The support from an adjustable base helps the body release tension on the muscles and joints increasing recuperation of your muscles.

Back pain – Flat beds may not offer the support someone with back pain needs. When sleeping in an adjustable bed, you are able to sleep in a position that fits the contours of your body.  Raising the head of the bed about 45 degrees, releases tension on the lower back.  Elevating the foot of the bed relieves pressure on the spine. Conditions, such as sciatica and other spinal issues, can be greatly helped by using an adjustable base.


Swelling – If you ever receive an injury such as a sprain or broken limb, an adjustable base will allow you to easily elevate the injury and relieve pain. Also, if you are on your feet a lot, raising your legs and feet helps reduce any swelling, helps prevent fluid build up, and feels great.

Improved breathing – Being elevated in bed, improves breathing because it alleviates pressure and constriction on your heart and lungs. This prevents your body from working harder to deliver oxygen and blood to your vital organs.  When you have a cold or congestion, keeping your head raised can help you rest more soundly. Those suffering from asthma can also benefit from improving their airway and stress on the body while sleeping.

Anyone diagnosed with pulmonary edema should sleep with their head and chest elevated to reduce the build up of fluid in the lungs.  The angle encourages fluid to travel the through the body without pooling and causing discomfort.


Snoring and Apnea – The main cause of snoring is when your windpipe is constricted while you are lying down sleeping. By raising the head, the airway is opened and snoring can be reduced improving the quality of sleep.

Sleep apnea is a condition in which a person wakes up intermittently throughout the night due to a pause in their breathing.  Inclining one’s head and reducing constrictions on the airway, can help some forms of obstructive sleep apnea.

Insomnia – Those suffering from insomnia may find that an adjustable base helps them find their most comfortable position which allows them to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. The improved circulation and breathing also helps one stay asleep for a more restful night.

Acid Reflux and Heartburn – On a flat bed, acid can move from the stomach into the esophagus exacerbating acid reflux.   If you suffer from acid reflux, your doctor may recommend for you to sleep with your upper body raised.  Elevating the upper body 6-8 inches help the stomach retain the acids that cause these conditions.

Digestion – A slight incline can be beneficial to your digestion. It is not recommended to go to sleep on a full stomach, but if you have eaten a meal close to bedtime then you can adjust your position to the recommended 6 inches to encourage healthy digestion.

Mobility – Having an adjustable base at home, may improve the quality of life for those with limited mobility. Some of the same benefits that hospital beds provide can be experienced at home providing greater comfort and more independence.  These beds make sitting up and getting out of bed easier for many.

Couples – For those couples that could benefit from an adjustable base but have different needs, split bases are available. A split base allows two people to sleep side by side without disturbing the other.  Each person can change the settings to their own needs without compromising the other person’s sleep or comfort.


  Convenience – Adjustable bases don’t have to be just for      sleeping either.  If you enjoy watching TV or reading in bed, an    adjustable base helps get you in your most comfortable  position without having to prop yourself up with many pillows.  Some models also many come with a massage feature that is  great for reclining and relaxing after a long day. Other features  may include ports and outlets for charging phone, tablets, or  laptops. Some even have Bluetooth to connect to mobile  devices to use as a remote or with a built-in speaker.

 The adjustable base takes the place of the box spring and most  do not require anything besides an outlet. Adjustable beds do  not need any special bed frames and are compatible most beds  whether wood, metal, or upholstered. Most have different leg  heights to fit your needs.

When combined with a great mattress, an adjustable base can  provide a wonderful, restorative night’s sleep.  The benefits of  an adjustable base do not just impact your sleep.  If you sleep  well, you will feel better during the day. At Hatch Furniture, we have various models of adjustable bases to fit your needs. Our sleep specialist will help you find the perfect mattress and adjustable base combination for you and your sleep.

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