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Delightful Dining

Friday, November 18th, 2016

Now is the season for large family gatherings and holiday parties.  Whether you are hosting party for friends or having your entire family over for the holidays, a meal is commonly the main event. If you have a formal dining room or a more casual space next to your kitchen for your table, it is important that your table and chairs are functional and comfortable while still showing your style. It is best to consider how and who will be using your dining room before designing the space. Are you looking for a formal room or a casual space your family uses every day? Will you need extra space and seating for many guests or space for small groups? What shape and size works best for the room?

The first thing to decide is the style of table you are looking for. The style and layout of the rest of your house will help determine what style will work best for you.  If you have a separate dining room, you may opt for a more formal style. Many of today’s houses have open floor plans where the kitchen, dining and living room spaces flow together or are laid out in a great room. Those spaces tend to be more casual in style.  Countertop height tables and stools are also becoming more popular but are definitely on the casual side.



Even more important than style, is the size of your table.  No matter how good it looks, if the furniture does not function as you need it, you will regret it. Tables come in many shapes and sizes. There are three main shapes of dining tables; round/ oval, rectangular, and square. Each shape has its benefits but not all spaces will work for any shape. Round and oval table are good for small spaces because they have no corners making it easier to get around the table. They promote conversation because it is easy to see everyone seated around the table.  Rectangular tables are the most readily available.  Rectangular tables vary is greatly in size and may be adjustable for different situations. The width of the table is also important.  Too wide and you will not be able to converse easily around the table. Too narrow and there is not enough room for table settings and serving platters.  Between 36-48” is about the widest you should go. Square tables are probably the hardest to fit in a space and are best for small intimate groups.

It is important to measure to determine which shape best fits your space. Keep in mind for easy traffic flow there should be 36-48” of space between the wall or furniture and the edge of the table. Think about being able to walk behind someone while they are sitting at the table. It is a good idea to measure before you starting shopping.  An easy way to see how much space a table will take up in your room is to use a bed sheet or newspapers laid out in the shape and size. This allows you to visualize what size will fit in your room and works best for you.



Another consideration is the number people you plan on seating at the table. Each person needs about 24” of eating space, so a 72” table fits a three people comfortably on each long side and one on each end.  Leaves are a great way to fit more people for larger gatherings. However, it is still necessary to have enough space for traffic to flow around the table.  Round or oval tables with pedestals are easier to fit people around them and may accommodate extra seating.

When you think of dining tables, an image of a wood table probably comes to mind. Hard woods such as hickory, oak, maple, and cherry are great for tables. Wood tables are available in a variety of styles and finishes to fit any room. Some may have smooth finishes where others are distressed and rustic. From elegant and formal dining tables to rustic farmhouse tables, it is possible to find the perfect table for your style.



Wood is may be the most common material used for dining tables but it is not the only option.  Laminate top tables are more durable and work well as kitchen tables or for families. Glass tops are stylish choice and add a touch of modern light to a space.  A glass table will fit many decors from sleek contemporary to classic and elegant depending on the legs or pedestal. In smaller rooms, glass top tables appear to take up less space and give the room an open feel. Metal legs are common and recently metal tops are an option. For an added expense, stone is an excellent choice for table top.

After you have selected a table, next you need chairs.  There are an infinite number of chair styles available.  For a formal dining room, chairs that match the table really complete the look. To update formal style and make them more current, consider adding an upholstered chair at each end of the table.  Mix and match colors and styles for an eclectic look.  Upholstered chairs are a sophisticated look but consider the fabric when you purchase. Delicate fabrics may stain easily, while leather, vinyl, polyesters or synthetics are much easier to clean.



You and your guests will enjoy your table more if the chairs are comfortable. Consider the depth and width, of the chair seat and back, to determine the style most comfortable for you. 22” inches is a good width for an armless chair. Avoid chairs narrower than 17”.  18-19” is the ideal seat height for as dining chair. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least 12” from the top of the seat to the edge of the table. The size of your table will also affect the scale of you chair. Some chairs are heavier than others and can be harder to move for children and the elderly.

Whether its gets used every day or only a few times a year, a dining room table should be both functional and stylish.  At Hatch Furniture, we have a large selection of dining and kitchen tables of all sizes, shapes, and styles. Mix and match tables and chairs to find your perfect set.  Or customize a table and chairs with our Amish line.  Let our experienced staff help you create the dining space you have always wanted.

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High Style Motion Furniture

Friday, September 23rd, 2016



The new high style motion furniture from has exceeded my expectations in terms of style & comfort.  Those of us who have always longed for the comfort of reclining furniture, but have been continually disappointed with the over-sized, bachelor pad, man cave style options can now rejoice in the new high style look of reclining furniture available in today’s market.  Along with the more refined look, the quality and features are amazing too.


The following options are available in select groups in the power motion offerings by Flexsteel:

Close wall proximity allows you to open and recline in any position with the furniture positioned only inches from the wall.  This feature is available in most of Flexsteel’s motion furniture, with the exception of rocking, gliding or swivel recliners.

The power mechanism allows you to smoothly recline to any position with the touch of a button.  If the select group offers the power headrest option, the dual power button allows you to operate the reclining and headrest mechanisms independently.

Many of the power reclining options will also include a USB charging station option.

Removable back allows for easy lifting and maneuvering through doorways when your furniture is placed in your home or needs to be moved.

All Flexsteel motion furniture features the blue steel spring unit for optimum seating support and durability backed by a lifetime warranty.

Several of Flexsteels’s power motion groups are also available without power, if you prefer manual operation.

*** Specific features will vary by manufacturer and furniture groups.



Transitional styling with soft leather seating in a modern frame, the Danvers collection offers the latest in power motion design. A power reclining mechanism lets you change angles effortlessly from an upright to a fully reclined position, and a dual power button allows you to independently adjust the headrest for custom relaxation.


Nailhead trim contours a modern frame – Springfield features spaced nailhead trim, which contours its modern frame from the top of the back wings seamlessly down to the bottom of the arm fronts. Contoured seating and fully padded footrests beckon you to relax while Springfield’s lay-flat mechanism allows you to fully unwind. A power reclining mechanism lets you change angles effortlessly from an upright to a fully reclined position, and a dual power button allows you to independently adjust the headrest for custom relaxation.

Streamlined style and laid-back comfort – With a deep seat, high back, and sleek, rounded arms, Hammond boasts clean lines and an open feel that invites you in. A fitted cushioning style creates deep horizontal lines accented by vertical heavy-thread stitching details, and a divided back provides tremendous comfort. A power reclining mechanism lets you change angles effortlessly from an upright to a fully reclined position with the touch of a button.

Contemporary architecture with polished accents – Polished tailoring and sleek lines give Reuben its attractive look. Reuben’s slim arm panels paired with a picture-framed back panel that holds a plush cushion make this a perfect addition to any living space. Nailhead trim accentuates the curved arm fronts and the bottom of the front rail while tall legs add visual lightness to the architecture. A power reclining mechanism lets you change angles effortlessly from an upright to a fully reclined position with the touch of a button.


Carlin Power High Leg Recliner – Contemporary style in a sleek body. Carlin’s sleek body is fashionable and contemporary. Its tapered wooden legs and subtle back wings exude style and add to its polished allure. A divided back cushion and box seat cushion provide comfort and relaxation that you’ll want to come back to time and time again. A power reclining mechanism lets you change angles effortlessly from an upright to a fully reclined position, and a dual power button allows you to independently adjust the headrest for custom relaxation.

Bay Bridge High Leg Recliner – Soft styling complements classic details. Bay bridge has the look of a family heirloom and the feel of brand-new upholstery. Look closer and you’ll notice all the vintage details: tightly rolled arms, a rounded footrest, back and side panels lined with welt cord and nail head trim, and round bun feet.









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Functional Design Elements

Friday, August 5th, 2016

Today’s furniture has to be stylish and functional, so we put together a list of our favorite 5 pieces that incorporate a functional design element that can be useful for everyday living.

The first piece we chose is a lift-top cocktail ottoman from Ashley Furniture.  This ottoman features an upholstered padded top, which is convenient when you need some additional seating for family gatherings.  The lift-top feature is great for working on a labtop or for game day or movie time snacks.  You can store items like magazines under the lift-top side of the ottoman, and there is an additional storage drawer on the opposite side.

  1. DSC_0578e

    1) Cocktail Ottoman with Lift Top and Storage Drawer – Signature Design by Ashley Furniture


    This next piece is also from Ashley Furniture.  It is a chair side table featuring a power port to plug in a table lamp or charge electronic devices such as phones and tablets.  There is a pull out tray with built in coasters for your beverages and a spot to hold the remote. There is a magazine rack on the backside of the table, as well as inside storage you can access from the front.

    2) Chariside Table with Power Port- Signature Design by Ashley Furniture

    2) Chariside Table – Signature Design by Ashley Furniture


    The 3rd piece is a trendy gray nightstand from Aspen Furniture.  This nightstand has built in AC power ports similar to the chair side table, with the exception that the power port is inside the top drawer, which works great for charging devices.  There is a separate outlet on the exterior of the nightstand to to utilize the special 3 way touch lighting feature.  If you look closely at the image below, there is a small “dot”, this is the touch sensor on the side of the nightstand.  Aspen also offers more traditional wood design options with similar features to this collection.

    Liv 360 Nightstand from Aspenhome Furniture features AC outlets in the top drawer and 3 way touch pathway lighting.

    3) Hyde Park Liv 360 Nightstand – Aspen Furniture



    We are absolutely in love with this 4th item by Liberty Furniture.  There has been a trend in entertainment stands that can hide your TV.  This piece offers a unique style with the sliding barn doors and shelving on the sides.  You now have a beautiful piece of furniture that can display books, vases and family heirlooms; as well as house a 55″ television.  Pictured with a brown antique wood finish and country white barn doors, Liberty also offers this piece in an all over antique brown finish.

    Entertainment Center with Sliding Barn Doors by Liberty Furniture.

    4) Entertainment Center with Sliding Barn Doors by Liberty Furniture.


    This last piece from Hillsdale is simple, but very functional and comes in either a two or four shelf design with storage baskets.  We chose this piece because the removable baskets can function as storage within the piece itself or they can be distributed to other rooms in the home and you still have a stand with shelves.  Bonus Tip:  Keep at least one basket empty, so when you are picking up around the house; simply carry the basket with you to collect all the items that need to be picked up and be put away in it’s proper place.  It’s a great way to tidy up and only takes a few minutes!


    5) 1-Drawer Stand with Storage Baskets by Hillsdale Furniture

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Never out of Style

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Trends are fleeting, by their very definition. What’s hot now might be old hat next year – or even fall out of favor by next season. But there are some décor elements that have a universal appeal and never seem to go out of style. These classics are easy to incorporate in your home, and they’ll look great next to your “trendier” pieces.

Black-and-white. This high-contrast combo is dramatic, goes with everything, and has a graphic appeal that always looks modern.

 Metallics. The shine, warmth, and texture of metal accents make their mark in any home. Metal’s dynamic shimmer   can be festive and glamorous, and its muted patinas feel rustic and homey.391_13_30_Detail

  Floral patterns. Images of nature have always inspired home décor. The size and scale of the flower depictions may   vary over time, but you can count on them (as well as stripes and plaid) as a pattern staple.

  Mirrors. You can gain a new perspective on your room by simply hanging a mirror. Reflecting natural light brightens   the room, plus it offers the illusion of more space beyond the wall.

  Multifunctional pieces. A wise buy is always a good idea! You get more out of your investment if the furniture offers something extra such as storage, additional seating, or the flexibility to be used in more than one room.Pillows_JTT-40_ZZ0321

Blue. From soft, calming hues to vibrant statement shades, blue is America’s go-to favorite. It’s a safe color that’s easy to work with in combination with many others. Navy, in particular, is never out of favor.

Candles. You can’t beat an accessory that provides ambiance, a visually attractive focal point, and a pleasant aroma.

Oriental rugs provide an automatic infusion of color and pattern you can build a whole room around. The traditional designs have been around for centuries, and the rugs will bring long-lasting comfort.


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Choosing Furniture that Will Last

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Furniture can be a significant investment, so it’s easy to get excited by an apparent bargain.  Knowing the style, size, and color you want is a good start, but take a little research time to learn how to look for quality.  Quality will determine how long it will last, look good, and be comfortable…as well as save you from disappointment in a piece that quickly falls apart.

Check the cushions, look under the sofa, open the drawers, and by all means sit on it!  Here are some features that add to longevity:

Hardwood Frames – Hardwoods (maple, walnut, oak) can stand up to a lot of weight.  Kiln-drying removes moisture which prevents the wood from cracking easily.

Spring Support – Coil springs which are tied to the frame in eight different places provide the most uniform support.  S-shaped sinuous springs are also a good choice for stability.

Seat Cushions – High-density foam is comfortable, keeps its shape, and provides long-lasting support.  Foam wrapped in down, Dacron batting, or cotton creates a softer seating surface.  For luxurious softness that you sink into, choose down blend.  For firmer support, look for encased Marshall coils.

Joints – Furniture that has been glued, screwed, or doweled together provides a much sturdier support structure than pieces which have been stapled or nailed.

Solid Wood – Particle board doesn’t hold up under heavy weight, is susceptible to humidity, and will chip and peel.  Look for solid wood instead.

Reinforced Corner Blocks – Table and chair legs should have screwed in (not glued) corner blocks to keep them from becoming wobbly.  This is also important in weight-bearing furniture like entertainment centers.

Thread Count – The higher the thread count, the more tightly woven the upholstery fabric is, and the better it will wear.

fdkfndkdTo make the most of styles that stand the test of time, you might not want to jump on board with the latest fad.  A particular trend may be hot today, but will you still love it a few years down the line?  Buy it because you like it, but think about how frequently you’d like to update your décor.  Some classic design elements will always be in style, and they cover a wide territory from which to choose.

Don’t try to protect your furniture by making it off-limits.  What good is a piece that never gets used?  Just take your lifestyle factors into consideration.  Children, pets, and snacking in front of the TV can obviously take their toll, so stain-resistant or harder wearing fabrics may be in order.  A little regular maintenance can help improve the life span of your furnishings – polish the wood, vacuum the cushions, treat the leather, or find out how to make minor repairs.  Be familiar with what the manufacturer’s warranty covers, and look into any protection plans your furniture retailer has to offer.

What if you don’t need furniture that will last a lifetime?  If a lesser-quality piece will do to get your kid through college, there are plenty of options that will look good and serve their function.  If you’re furnishing a room that won’t be used very often (like a guest room), it’s fair to sacrifice a little sturdiness.

Buying quality furniture might mean spending extra money at first, but break the price down over its many years of use and it will probably be a greater savings than regularly replacing cheap furniture. The real value, however, is built as you pass treasured furniture down through generations.  The memories associated with them are what make them priceless.

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Eco-Friendly Furnishings

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Eco-friendly furnitureEnvironmental concerns and the health of the planet are increasingly on the mind of consumers.  For the environmentally-conscious, when it comes to decorating it’s not just a matter of style.  We want to be aware of what goes into the furniture we buy.  The good news is that there are lots of innovative ways to be conscious of your environmental impact without sacrificing an ounce of beauty.





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Leather Buying Guide

Saturday, August 15th, 2015

Leather prices have tumbled, making this practical material an option for more and more people. If you are considering leather upholstery for your home, you may have some questions about how leather compares to fabric.  This guide will help you figure out what you want in your leather sofa and make an informed purchase.

leather furniture couch









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Where was your furniture made?

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

American Revivalfurniture made in the usa

If you have ever watched the Antiques Roadshow, you know that early American-made furniture can make enthusiastic appraisers absolutely giddy.  But this article isn’t about a reinvention of the historic style. It’s about furniture, of all styles, being made in the USA.

In the 1800s the furniture industry in the US grew regionally, near where people settled and lived.  As industrialization spread and transportation of goods became easier, furniture production focused in North Carolina, North Mississippi and Michigan, near the primary raw material – specifically wood from the indigenous forests and textile mills.


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