Mix This with That – How to Blend Different Styles

Posted on November 4th, 2016 by chelsicreegan.

Trying to find a balance between different personal styles within a shared space can seem overwhelming or even impossible.  The key to blending styles is understanding that it is possible to have more than one style present in your home and still have it feel like it all goes together.  There are several ways to successfully combine pieces that don’t “match” if you find a common element to tie everything together.  This can easily be done through color and texture.  You can take a natural wood texture, mix it with clean modern lines and add pops of color that will flow from one space to another to give your home a natural flow.

Mix this with that

In this sample mood board, we have combined the clean modern lines of the main furniture pieces with rustic wood textures and classic colors like navy and red. I like the idea of layering the two rugs together to add another modern design element. Change out the pillows on the sofa to incorporate the colors of the rugs and add similar color tones to the accessories in the dining area to successfully combine these styles together for a natural flow. I imagine this as an open concept space, but this design idea would still be successful if the main living space was separate from the dining space.


Scale is key in any home design plan, try to find pieces that make sense together regarding size.  So the idea is to match in scale, not in size.  Matching lines and shapes can also give some balance when mixing styles.  Avoid doing one complete style in one room and another style in a separate room.  It’s best to distribute the different styles throughout the home to give balance and create a cohesive design throughout your home.  Find at least one or two commons element to tie the common spaces of your home together to achieve that balance.





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