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Why Amish?

Friday, July 29th, 2016


Furniture shopping can be hard!  There are many factors to consider; quality, style and price are the main factors for most consumers. It can be trying to balance all three. Amish furniture is a great blend of these factors. It is high quality, long lasting and well made.  It may be more of a financial investment, but the quality and durability make up the price difference.  Amish furniture is available in a wide variety of style and designs from classic styles that never go out of style to more contemporary options. More and more people are buying Amish-made furniture for many reasons. The following are some of the main reasons to consider buying Amish the next time you are looking for new furniture.

Amish furniture is a great investment. You know when you are buying Amish-made furniture you are getting quality furniture that will not break or fall apart easily.  It will last because of the craftsmanship and quality of materials used.  Your Amish furniture will serve you for many years to come.

Palettes by Winesburg, American Craftsman Panel Bed

Palettes by Winesburg, American Craftsman Panel Bed


It’s hard to deny the beauty of wood furniture. A beautifully crafted piece of solid wood furniture is a piece of art. Well-built wood furniture is functional and beautiful. Each piece is crafted with care and skill. These pieces are not mass produced and no two pieces will be exactly alike.

Another benefit to Amish furniture is that it is American made.  When you buy Amish furniture, you know you are supporting American workers and communities. Many furniture manufacturers now source their products from factories and workers in other countries.

In addition, it’s Greener. Amish furniture is greener than many other types for a few reasons.  Because it is made in the US, the furniture does not have to be packaged and shipped overseas.  Most Amish-made furniture is wrapped in blankets for delivery saving all the layers of packaging and the blankets can be used over and over. The wood is usually locally sourced and sustainably harvested. The Amish create little waste by using the wood not suitable for furniture for other wood products and harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde, are not used.

One of the best things about buying Amish furniture, is that you can customize it. Are you looking for a specific wood species or stain color for your furniture? Are you trying to match another piece of furniture that you already own? Amish furniture can usually be customized for you. You can select the wood species and finish of the piece to your preferences. Varying sizes tables and styles mean you can create a dining room set that is unique and reflects your personal style.


Benefits of Solid Wood Furniture:

Natural Beauty – Every type of wood has its own unique color and grain. Solid wood furniture has a timeless beauty that adds charm and elegance to any room.

American Craftsman Prairie Spindle Bed

American Craftsman Prairie Spindle Bed

Durability – Solid wood furniture is very durable and resilient. It can handle more wear and tear than many cheaper alternatives.

Low Maintenance – Regular dusting and polish can keep a wood piece looking great. Small scratches and marks can be sanded out by a professional, even some smaller dents and dings can be repaired. A few things to avoid with your wood furniture are direct sunlight, too hot or too cold, and too dry or too humid.  All those things can negatively affect your wood furniture.

Finally, there are a few other things to consider when buying Amish furniture.

Finish – Look for a high quality finish before buying a piece.  Conversion varnish finish is designed to safeguard the beauty and integrity of heirloom quality wood products.  Conversion varnish is a high quality long lasting finish that will protect your wood furniture from household products, food and oils.

Construction – You should always look at how any piece of furniture is constructed before purchasing. You know when you are buying Amish furniture that it is well-constructed, but some things to look for are corner blocks, dovetail joints, dowels, and screws.

Time – Because Amish furniture is not mass produced, it will take longer for you to receive it. Unless you are buying pieces off the showroom floor, the furniture you order most likely has to be made specifically for you. On average, this can take about 12 weeks.

Style – Traditionally Amish furniture is made classic styles that will never look out-dated.  However, today, more contemporary styles are available.  Because you may be making a significant investment in your Amish furniture, consider the style carefully. Choose something that you know you will continue to love over the years.

The name “Palettes” means we give you a blank slate, an empty artist’s palette, and you fill in the custom color, fabric, style and wood species to create your own masterpiece exactly the way you want it.

At Hatch Furniture, we carry an Amish line called Palettes by Winesburg.  They are located in Ohio and have a fully integrated process from growing their own trees to delivery on their trucks. A wide range of style and options are available to create unique, beautiful, and functional furniture. Our designers can help you select and customize the perfect pieces for your home.

Pick up the August issue of Siouxland Woman Magazine featuring this article on Amish furniture.  Siouxland Woman Magazine is a free publication available at Hatch Furniture and other local retailers in Yankton, Vermillion and Sioux City.

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Living with Fur, Feathers and Fins

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

One ground rule for selecting furniture is to take into account how family members will use the space. This includes pets! After all, most of us consider our pets as part of the family. Here are some things to keep in mind when furnishing a home with non-human animals in residence:

Performance fabrics should be considered when looking for upholstery. Stain-resistant and easy-to-clean, these fabrics can better handle the occasional hairball or dog drool. Today’s performance fabrics have a great touch appeal and can mimic the look and texture of natural fibers. They are typically made with synthetic fibers, including acrylic, polyester, olefin and nylon. Acrylic and polyester fabrics provide superior fade resistance too. Microfiber fabrics are tightly woven from polyester fibers; stains can’t penetrate the fiber itself and the tight weave helps prevent the stain from going through the fabric.


Microfiber is a great option for upholstered pieces when living with pets

If you prefer to go with a natural fiber on your upholstery, there are many options out there, but be prepared to spot clean and be aware that the life span of natural fibers is generally shorter than that of synthetic fibers. Slipcovers are another option, but most manufacturers will recommend that you have those professionally cleaned in order to maintain fit.

If your pet tends to shed, you may want to consider a leather or leather-like upholstery cover. These covers allow you to remove accumulated fur with a damp towel. Here’s another reason to consider leather: cats will be less likely to use this furniture as a scratching post.

We all love out pets, but let’s face it – they can act like animals. Destructive behaviors like chewing and scratching are often part of their nature. Having an accessible outlet for these habits will help save your furniture. Scratching posts for cats and chew toys for dogs are important to have in your home. A pet bed in your family room can help make everyone comfortable and save wear on the furniture meant for humans.

Crate training your dog will allow your pet to have a cozy den and keep him safe. Many decorative crates that double as end tables are now available to blend in with your décor. When your dog is out, he is supervised, and you can redirect destructive tendencies away from your furniture.

You can even take color palette inspiration from your pets. Fish and birds are often vibrantly hued, and since they usually reside within one particular room, they can contribute to its décor. Looking to your furrier, more mobile pets for color inspiration can help make shed fur less noticeable.

Pets are an important part of our lives. With a little planning you can make sure your home is comfortable and inviting for all creatures dwelling in it.

Pets are an important part of our lives. With a little planning you can make sure your home is comfortable and inviting for all creatures dwelling in it.

Regular cleaning of your furniture will help extend its life. You should vacuum upholstery on a regular basis to remove soil and fur. Spot clean according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Please note that most warranties and extended warranties do not cover damage caused by pets; however, every warranty is not the same, so it’s best to ask the sales associate or designer about the warranty coverage.


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Your Evolving Decor

Friday, July 15th, 2016

Moving into a new place is a life-changing milestone, and making it feel like home can mean a lot of décor decisions.  Whether you’re starting out or starting over, furnishing an empty home is a big job to tackle.  Keep a few of these tips in mind, and you’ll get through the process.

One room at a time

The reality is that most people don’t buy every piece for every room as soon as they get a new home. Transforming all at once is normally not practical and will leave you frustrated and overwhelmed.

Start with the room you’ll be spending the most time in – the bedroom or living room, most likely.  Having a retreat that looks furnished and feels lived in will go a long way towards helping you feel at home.

Bedroom set by Stanley Furniture

Bedroom set by Stanley Furniture

A sofa is a basic item in most homes.  As such, it’s worth investing in a good one. Likewise, find a quality supportive mattress.  These are items you’ll be keeping long-term and spending lots of time using.

It’s a good idea to consider traffic flow, what size pieces are required, how natural light changes over the course of the day, and how each room will be used.

Decide what you like

It helps to go shopping with inspiration in mind – such as a style you like or a color palette.  Pieces that reflect your own style bring personality to your space.  Current trends favor a collected look, full of variation yet cohesive.  So it’s okay if your older pieces don’t look exactly like the new additions.  You can tie them together with similar shapes, colors, or finishes.

Use color, texture or a specific pattern for your style inspiration

Use color, texture or a specific pattern for your style inspiration


Are you the type who embraces each new fashion?  Or do you prefer styling that will stand the test of time?  Think about how long you want to live with your new furniture.  Some elements will always be in style, but if you think you might outgrow it quickly, you might not want to invest.

As you add new furnishings, consider multi-functional pieces or items that could work in more than one room. Chances are, you’ll move again.  If you plan on taking it with you to future homes it might have more of a life span if it’s suited to additional uses.

Consider multi-functional pieces that could work in a variety of rooms

Consider multi-functional pieces that could work in a variety of rooms


Be patient!

Don’t trap yourself with the idea that the room must be finalized at a set date.  It’s not going to be perfect instantly, especially if it’s your first home.  You’ll be happier with your living space if the furnishings are functional and meaningful to you.  If you need to wait for a few more paychecks before making the next purchase or if you want to find just the right dining table, it’s okay not to rush – the room will still unfold.

The best spaces evolve over time and have the benefit of several edits.  Truly great rooms have layers.  You may edit and re-edit many times before you find perfection.  Either way – enjoy the process!

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Get the Look – Coastal Chic

Friday, July 8th, 2016


Love the cool colors, open air and relaxed setting of a day at the beach, but don’t live on the coast?  Why not capture a bit of the laid-back coastal lifestyle for yourself all year long?  The Coastal Chic look brings the best of the beauty and serenity of coastal living.

The Coastal Chic style is a sophisticated take on beach-inspired interiors.  It’s soft and serene, evocative of the seaside but without beach house clichés or color schemes.   The look is refined yet casual – a nod toward coastal living – incorporating fresh open spaces, materials found in nature, and the colors of the beach.  Here’s how to bring it home.

Bright & Airy Coastal Inspired Bedroom: Turquoise & Coral are the perfect accent colors for the crisp white walls and sand colored headboard

Bright and airy coastal inspired bedroom; turquoise and coral are the perfect accent colors for the crisp white walls and sand colored headboard.


Surf, Sand, and Shells
Cool coastal hues create a calm, relaxed atmosphere.  Choose from a palette of soft blues, pale greens, and sandy neutrals – the colors of the beach.  The Coastal Chic look also makes brilliant use of white – it’s fresh and clean and reflects light.   Coastal interiors are bright and airy, blurring the line between indoor and outdoor living, so be sure to let in plenty of sun.

Fabrics and Fibers
Simple, comfortable fabrics are the hallmarks of this style.  Inviting upholstery such as cotton, linen, or denim will help you create a laid-back setting.  Sofas with slipcovers look casual, crisp and clean – particularly in white.  Capture a sense of space with flowing sheer curtains that catch the breeze and let in the sunshine.  Furnishings crafted from organic materials accent the coastal theme by bringing the outdoors inside – try some grasscloth wallpaper, a flat weave sisal rug, or some jute or rope accents.  Burlap or wicker lend a rustic touch.

Pieces of Nature
Pull the look together with materials found beachside.  Driftwood accents and whitewashed wood have a just-washed-ashore weathered appeal.  A piece of coral, smooth stones, or other found objects stacked in a clear glass cylinder add seaside glamour.  Natural elements bring warmth and texture to your interior, but keep it simple – don’t “go overboard” with piles of shells on every surface.  Use a palm branch or bamboo in a tall vase instead of a floral arrangement.  Hang a mini-gallery of vintage prints depicting ocean life intertwined with mirrors or add a stylized mermaid or octopus to reflect the maritime theme.

Not just for the beach-house, not only for summer, the Coastal Chic look can help recreate a moment in time, capturing the essence of a peaceful day at the beach.

Coastal Chic Idea Board Numbered

Coastal Chic Design Inspiration: 1) Shabby Chic Etegere   2) Rope Clock   3) Rope Lamp   4) Sailboat Decor   5) Personal Touches   6) Neutral Fabric Tones mixed with Coastal Inspired Prints




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Elements for Outdoor Entertaining

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Elements for Outdoor Entertaining

Among Americans’ top must-haves is an area for socializing, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors in comfort.  Make your outdoor room inviting – transform it from just another space into to a fully realized (and utilized!) room.

SEATING – Go a step up from that wobbly folding lawn chair.  Modern outdoor furniture is stylish, sturdy, and built from a variety of weather-resistant materials, requiring little to no maintenance.   Cushion fabrics are just as fashionable as indoor upholstery options, and maintain their color better than ever.  Arrange a seating grouping that encourages conversation, and keep your guests comfy with plenty of pillows to lounge on.

Comfy Outdoor Seating


DINING AREA – Firing up the barbecue grill and eating outdoors is big part of summer.  Food can go straight from the grill to the table with an outdoor dining set.  Whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee on the porch or hosting the neighborhood party, every meal is a picnic.  Keep a basket stocked with silverware and napkins and place it in the center of the table.

SHADE – Your guests will thank you for a bit of shelter from the blazing sun.   Without shade, they’ll get too uncomfortable and head for cover indoors.   A patio umbrella provides shade and gives a sense of enclosure that you might want around a dining area, for instance.  Some umbrellas can tilt and turn to be readjusted throughout the day.

Dining Table with Umbrella for Shade

Dining Table with Umbrella for Shade

RUGS – Comfy under bare feet and durable against the elements, an outdoor rug will make your space feel more like an extension of your home.  An all-weather rug will provide some pattern and personality and serve to anchor the rest of your furnishings.  Bring the indoors….out!

LINENS – Spread out a nice tablecloth, and with that simple touch you instantly elevate any outdoor dining experience into a special occasion.  For some extra privacy, shade, or to give your room a tropical vibe, hang some sheer outdoor curtains.  They’ll catch the breeze, draw the eye, and form a tranquil secluded setting.

ILLUMINATION – As your party carries on into the night, your lighting scheme becomes your outdoor room’s new backdrop.  A solar powered string of bulbs is always appropriately festive, good for safety, and a practical option if you’re short on electrical outlets outside.  Criss-cross them overhead, line the walkway, or wrap them around a tree.   Candles glowing inside lanterns will certainly create an intimate effect.   Add some soft, diffuse light from a pendant or wall-mounted fixture; find a style to match your space or architecture.

FIRE – Everyone naturally gravitates toward an open fire when the sun goes down.  A fire pit offers the ultimate in outdoor ambiance:  the crackling flames of an open fire.  They’re available in wood- or gas-burning varieties – either works for marshmallows!  This feature also extends your outdoor living season since you can gather round when weather starts to get cool.

Fire Table for Evening Gatherings

Fire Table for Evening Gatherings

WATER FEATURE – Even the simplest fountain or pond can put you in touch with nature with the relaxing sound of running water.  A water feature makes a nice backyard focal point.

Your outdoor space is a part of your home.  It beautifies your property and adds comfort to your day.  Make it the perfect haven for spending time with family and friends.

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